Imaginable Impossibilities and Thought Experiments

a european research project about oxford calculatores

The Oxford Calculators were a group of scholars active at Oxford between 1325 and 1350. Among the most notable Calculators were T. Bradwardine, W. Heytesbury, and R. Swineshead, as well as many other English philosophers of the time, such as R. Kilvington, J. Dumbleton and R. Billingham.


The project is innovative because it calls into question the standard opposition between medieval and early-modern scientific paradigms, by investigating the unique interaction between traditional Aristotelianism and innovative scientific ideas that shaped the transition from late-medieval to early-modern philosophy.

Moreover, it combines many disciplines (logic, philosophy, mathematics, history of science) into investigating theories and authors that have played an important – albeit overlooked – role in the history of philosophy and science.

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