Imaginable Impossibilities and Thought Experiments

Workshop: Imagination and its constraints – Parma, 7-9 June 2022 (in person and online)

The Calculators Project, in collaboration with the PRISMA LAB and the University of Parma, are very pleased to announce the upcoming workshop Imagination and its constraints, which will take place in Parma on June 7-9. Speakers will be: Christopher Badura (Bochum), Irene Binini (Parma/Toronto), Wolfgang Huemer (Parma), Daniele Molinari (Parma), Alice Murphy (München), Carla Rita Palmerino (Radboud), Fiora Salis (York), Mike Stuart (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung), Alberto Voltolini (Torino).

It may be possible to follow the workshop either in person or online. For the link, please write to:

Here is the workshop’s programme (Italian time, GMT+1):

June 7 – afternoon session

2.30-3.30 pm: Alice Murphy • Thought Experiments as a Genre

3.30-4.30 pm: Wolfgang Huemer • Constraints on Perspectival Imagining

5-6 pm: Fiora Salis • Imagination, Conceivability and Scientific Modelling

June 8 – morning session

10-11 am: Irene Binini • “Imagine There’s Many Heavens”. Imagination in Late Medieval Thought Experiments

12-1 pm: Carla Rita Palmerino • Imagining Cosmic and Extra-Cosmic Spaces in the Early Modern Period

June 8 – afternoon session

3.30-4.30 pm: Daniele Molinari • Thought Experiments as Social Practice and the Clash of Imaginers

5-6 pm: Mike Stuart • Reconciling Internalism and Externalism about Constraints on Imagination

June 9 – morning session

10-11 am: Christopher Badura • Exploring Imaginative Scaffolding

11 am-12 pm: Alberto Voltolini • Beliefs, Make-Beliefs and the Making Believe that Beliefs are not Make-Beliefs

The workshop will be hosted at the University of Parma at the Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Cultural Industries, aula C, via D’Azeglio 85a.

In order to attend online, or for any other question, please do not hesitate to contact the organizers at:

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