Imaginable Impossibilities and Thought Experiments

Some images from our conference on medieval logic and modalities

We had three beautiful and exciting days in Parma, during our conference “Logic and Modalities in the Late Middle Ages” which took place on October 17-19.

The conference was one of the milestones of our Calculatores Project, and it was a real pleasure to host at UNIPR so many young and senior scholars from all over the world.

The next appointment is to June 2024, when Parma will host the next European Symposium on Medieval Logic and Semantics, organized by Irene Binini and Fabrizio Amerini.

Here are some images from these days. Below, you may find the event’s programme.

Conference programme:

Monday, October 17th

09.45 Welcome

10.00 PETER KING (University of Toronto):  “The Enterprise of Medieval Logic”

10.45 SILVIA DI VINCENZO (IMT Lucca): “Like another God, or like the Phoenix: The role of modalities in the classification of universals in late medieval post-Avicennian Arabic logic (13th-14th century CE)”

11.30 Coffee Break

12.15 JULIE BRUMBERG (CNRS): “A newly-identified sophisma ‘Omnis homo de necessitate est animal’ (OHNEA) and Robert Kilwardby’s ‘approriation rule’ as a solution to the problem of the ‘two Barbaras’: consequences from universal to singular propositions in medieval logic”

13.00-14.30 lunch break

14.30 SUF AMICHAY (Cambridge University): “The Modal Argument ‘if God possibly is, God Necessarily is’ in 14th Century Europe”

15.15 Break

15.45 GUIDO ALT (Stockholm University): “Eternality and Modal Necessity”

Tuesday, October 18th

09.30 STEPHEN READ (University of St. Andrews)“Consequence and Signification in Fourteenth-Century Logic”

10.15 BOAZ SCHUMAN (University of Copenhagen):“Necessary Inferences As-of-Now (ut nunc)”

11.00 Coffee Break

11.45 ALESSANDRO CONTI (Università dell’Aquila): Bradwardine and the problem of future contingents

12.30 Lunch

14.00 DAVIDE FALESSI (Universität Luzern):“Ockham and Buridan’s reduction of accidental being and per se being to modal propositions”

14.45 CESAR REIGOSA (University of Gröningen):“Truth, Meaning and Future Contingents”

15.30 Coffee Break

16.15 BARBARA BARTOCCI and LAURENT CESALLI (University of Geneva):   “An introduction to Richard Brinkley’s view on signification, truth and paradoxes”

 Wednesday, October 19th

10.00 CHRISTOPHER J. MARTIN (University of Auckland): “Impossible Positio and the Foundations of Metaphysics”

10.45 MONIKA MICHAŁOWSKA (Medical University of Łódź): “At the Intersections of Ethics and Logic: Richard Kilvington on the Will”

11.30 Coffee Break

12.15 SYLVAIN ROUDAUT (University of Stockholm): “Studying nature through thought experiments: William Heytesbury and Richard Swineshead on types of impossibilities and valid inferences”

13.00 Lunch

14.30 GRAZIANA CIOLA (Radboud University Nijmegen):“Hic et Nunc: Points, Instants and the Usefulness of Impossible Tools in “Nominalist” Logic After Buridan”

15.15 Break

15.45 MASSIMO MUGNAI (Scuola Normale Superiore):“Gerolamo Saccheri on consequence and modalities”

16.30 End of works

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